What Is Missing?: Get Involved

Maya Lin, 2020-21 senior fellow at the Lunder Institute for American Art and world-renowned artist, designer, and environmentalist, has invited people around the world to collect personal narratives about the natural world and be part of the What is Missing? project.

Designed by Maya Lin as her “last memorial,” What is Missing? is an interactive project that combines in-depth research on ecological history with personal memories contributed by individuals, making for a truly interdisciplinary and participatory work of art. What is Missing? is a wake-up call and a call to action, showing us how to reimagine our relationship to the natural world in ways that balance our needs with those of the planet.

The museum introduced the project to K-12 educators in Fall 2020, inviting students to collect personal memories about the natural world. Anyone can participate, but it works especially well for young people to interview parents, grandparents, caregivers, and other elders about the changes they have seen in Maine’s environment.

To participate, use the Memory Guide, which offers information about the project and activity pages to help with the interview and writing process. 

Presented by the Colby College Museum of Art and the Lunder Institute for American Art

Read more about the artist here