Visitor Guidelines

General Museum Visitor Guidelines

The museum staff needs your help to keep the art safe so it can be enjoyed today, and for many years in the future. Please follow the rules listed below:

  • Do not touch works of art. The oils on our hands can damage the surface of paintings and sculptures, so pick a “safe place” for your hands whenever you feel the urge to touch like your pockets, behind your back, or if you’re feeling silly, your nose!
  • As you look at the art, stay at least two arm-lengths away from it.
  • Use only pencils (no pens) in the museum. And, please do not point at the art with your pencil or other objects. 
  • Do not lean on walls or cases, either to write or for physical support, so you don’t accidentally jiggle an object. You are welcome to sit on the benches or on the floor as you talk, write, or draw. If you would like a stool, our welcome desk staff will be happy to provide it.
  • No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the museum. This keeps the art safe from insects and the museum clean. If you need a snack, please enjoy it in the museum lobby.
  • Do not run, push, or roughhouse in the museum. It’s important to avoid accidentally bumping into and damaging works of art.
  • Bags larger than 11 x 14 inches and all backpacks need to be hung in the designated area by the welcome desk.
  • You are welcome to take photographs for personal use without flash in the galleries. To be kind to your fellow art lovers, please set your cell phone to vibrate, and take all voice calls in the lobby.
  • Pets, with the exception of trained service animals, are prohibited in the museum. 

COVID-19 Guidelines

To ensure the health and safety of all, please follow these guidelines while visiting the museum:

  • If you or a person from your household has or has had cold or flu-like symptoms, please refrain from visiting the museum until everyone is well and has completed a medically recommended quarantine period.
  • Masks are encouraged, but not required, in the Colby Museum. Visitors who are not vaccinated and boosted must continue to mask. If you would like a mask, please ask at the Welcome Desk. 
  • Please maintain a safe social distance from anyone outside of your household throughout your visit.
  • Please use hand sanitizer upon entering the museum, or wash your hands in the lobby restroom.

Other Visitor Information

Museum parking is available in the Roberts Lot, behind the museum. Visitors can enter through the main entrance along the Bixler Pedestrian Walkway, through the Stradley Terrace along Mayflower Hill Drive, or through the north or south entrances of the Bixler Art and Music Center.
The museum is wheelchair accessible through the Bixler Art and Music Center.

For directions and parking see our visitor information page

Questions? Please ask a member of our security and Welcome Desk staff. They’re here to help you have a wonderful experience.