Using the Alex Katz Archive

Administrative Information

The Archive is accessible at the Museum by appointment only. No part of the archive is restricted from research use. Those interested in learning more about the contents of the Alex Katz Archive or requesting an appointment should contact Assistant Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Siera Hyte at [email protected] or 207-859-5618, at least two weeks in advance of their planned visit. The Museum is not staffed as a research facility, but we do our best to accommodate all such requests.

Archive Contents

  • Series 1. Articles about Katz
    The earliest material dates to 1962 and the overwhelming majority dates to after 1985.
  • Series 2. Articles written by Katz
    Contains almost twenty published texts by Katz dating from 1961 to 2009.
  • Series 3. Awards and Benefits including Katz
  • Series 4. Books about Katz
    This extensive collection of publications pertaining to the artist ranges from 1970 to the present.
  • Series 5. Books designed or illustrated by Katz 
  • Series 6. Books including Katz
  • Series 7. Clippings with Katz Images
    Primarily promotional materials with reproductions of Katz’s work.
  • Series 8. Donations to causes
  • Series 9. Group Show catalogues
    Brochures for exhibitions that Katz participated in or curated.
  • Series 10. Group Show Invitations, Announcements, Brochures
  • Series 11. Katz Cards
  • Series 12. Katz Correspondence
    Primarily letters to Katz dating from 1982 to 2007.
  • Series 13. Katz Films
    VHS cassettes of documentary films or filmed events featuring Katz.
  • Series 14. Katz Interviews
  • Series 15. Katz Miscellaneous
  • Series 16. Katz Photographs
    Photographs of work in the studio and on exhibition as well as some images of family members and Maine locations.
  • Series 17. Katz Posters and Calendars
  • Series 18. Katz Publicity
  • Series 19. Katz Solo Show Catalogues
    Catalogues dating from 1968 to the present.
  • Series 20. Katz Solo Show Invitations, Announcements, Brochures
  • Series 21. Miscellaneous Drawings and Prints
  • Series 22. Reviews of Books about Katz
  • Series 23. Reviews of Katz Shows