Summer Luncheon Awards and Honorees



For over six decades, the Museum Summer Luncheon has brought together Friends of Art, fostering a vibrant community that celebrates their shared passions for art, leadership, and innovation.


Awards and Honorees

Jette Award for Leadership in the Arts

The Jette Award for Leadership in the Arts is given in memory of Edith and Ellerton Jetté by the Museum and its Board of Governor, the Jetté Award for Leadership in the Arts recognizes and honors the achievements of individuals and groups who have distinguished themselves through their work as leaders in arts philanthropy, scholarship, education, and/or community engagement efforts. 


Past Recipients 

Summer 2010: Hugh J. Gourley III 

Fall 2010: David P. Becker 

Spring 2011: Alan B. Mirken 

Summer 2011: Norma B. Marin 

Winter 2013 (February): William D. Adams 

Summer 2013: Peter and Paula Lunder 

Summer 2015: Alex Katz 

Spring 2016: Paul J. Schupf 

Summer 2019: Phong Bui 

Summer 2022: Sharon Corwin 

Summer 2022: William Tsiaras 

Summer 2023: Shannon Haines


Cummings Award for Artistic Excellence

The Cummings Award for Artistic Excellence celebrates distinguished artists who, in the spirit of Willard “Bill” W. Cummings (1915-1975), have dedicated themselves to their creative practice and who at times,  as educators and cultural leaders, have made a positive impact on people’s lives through advocacy and community building.


Past Recipients 

Summer 2012: Alex Katz 

Summer 2014: Lois Dodd 

Summer 2016: Yvonne Jacquette 

Summer 2017: David C. Driskell 

Summer 2018: Rackstraw Downes

Summer 2019: Jeremy Frey 

Summer 2023: Fred Wilson


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