Jigsaw Puzzles


Look. Connect. Create.

Get to know the works in the Colby College Museum of Art Collection by slowing down and noticing the details in each puzzle piece. Click on the work’s title to see a high-quality zoomable version.

To learn more about the piece, read the label information. You’ll find the name of the artist, the name of the work, and when it was created. If you want to know more, you can do an internet search for the artist and the work.

When you finish, take some time to think about your experience:

  • As you look at the entire work of art, what story do you think it tells?
  • Are there any details that took some time for you to notice?
  • Think about connections to your own life experiences and knowledge. Is there anything that reminds you of your own life, or does this work of art teach you something new?

Digital jigsaw puzzles from the Colby Museum collection:

George Caleb Bingham, Landscape with Fisherman

Grafton Tyler Brown, Yellowstone Falls

John George Brown, Watching the Circus

Winslow Homer, The Trapper

Thomas Moran, Acoma