Inside Out: The Prints of Mary Cassatt – Caption this Cassatt Contest

Caption this Cassatt Contest

Although Mary Cassatt created work in the 19th Century, her prints touch on themes of solitude, family, and domestic life that are relevant to this day.

Using one of the prints below from our exhibition, Inside Out: The Prints of Mary Cassatt, create your own meme!

How to Participate:

  1. Select one or more of the images below in the slideshow. Take a screenshot or save the image by right clicking on the image and then selecting “Save Image”.
  2. Create a humorous caption or scenario using the print. You can use an online meme generator, or simply use a simple image editing app on your phone or desktop (such as Preview, MS Paint, or Word) to overlay text on top of the image. 
  3. Share your creation! Tag us on social media with #ColbyMuseum, and you’ll be automatically entered into a drawing to win a free hardcover catalogue of the exhibition. 
  4. The contest will be open throughout the summer, until August 31st. Stay tuned on our social media channels throughout the summer to view new ideas for captions and meme-worthy content! 
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Get Inspired with Some Examples: 

Me waiting for the pandemic to be over so I can finally have a social life again:

Me, fully vaccinated, realizing I hate being around other people:

Tea, c. 1890. Drypoint on paper. Fifth (final) state. 71/8 x 61/8 in. (18.1 x 15.6 cm). The Lunder Collection, 2012.320


Me and my best friend crafting the perfect response to my crush’s “Hey” text:

The Map, 1890. Drypoint on paper. Trial proof of third (final) state. 6 1/8 x 9 1/8 in. (15.6 x 23.2 cm). The Lunder Collection, 2012.313