Frequently Asked Questions

I want to have a piece of art restored/repaired. Can you recommend someone?

While the Colby Museum cannot endorse specific conservators, the American Institute for Conservation’s website has a comprehensive listing of conservators throughout the country.

Where can I get a piece of art I own appraised?

Museum personnel can not appraise or authenticate works of art, nor recommend individual appraisers/authenticators. To locate an appraiser/authenticator that matches your needs, call or visit the websites of the following professional associations:

ASA American Society of Appraisers

ISA International Society of Appraisers

Appraisers Association

For appraisals of charitable donations of works of art, check with your tax preparer or accountant for the proper procedure and paperwork required by the IRS. There are also online sites—including Sotheby’s and Christie’s—that allow you to search for recent and past auction prices for a particular artist’s work

Does the Museum accept proposals for exhibitions?

The Museum does not accept unsolicited proposals or artist’s material for exhibition. Any materials submitted cannot be returned.

How may I donate art to the Museum?

Potential donors should contact Head Curator Beth Finch. We ask that you provide complete information for the work(s) being offered as well as digital images. Members of the Museum’s staff and Collections Committee will then review the proposed gift(s) following the Museum’s collecting priorities and criteria. All proposed gifts to the Museum’s collection must go through this process of review and approval; the Museum does not accept unsolicited donations of artworks.

Is sketching allowed in the galleries?

Yes, sketching is allowed in the Museum. Only pencils are allowed.

Is photography permitted in the galleries?

Yes, photography without flash for personal use is allowed in the galleries unless otherwise indicated.

Are there refreshments available at the Museum?

Yes, there is coffee and tea available for purchase in the Museum lobby.

Does the Museum provide wheelchairs for visitors with special needs?

Yes, if you would like the Museum to provide a wheelchair for your use, please inquire at the front desk.

Are large bags or backpacks permitted on site?

If you are carrying a bag or backpack larger than 11 x 14 inches, we ask that you hang it in the designated area to the right the front desk.

Are mobile devices permitted in the galleries?

Yes, mobile devices are permitted in the galleries, however, we ask that you please set your phone to vibrate and take all voice calls outside of the galleries. 

How do I arrange for a group visit/tour?

We require a minimum of 10 people to arrange a tour, and we need at least two weeks in order to schedule it as we rely on volunteer docents. To arrange a tour, please contact Abby Newkirk, our Linde Family Foundation Senior Coordinator of School and Teacher Programs, at 207.859.5623. 

How may I request a digital image of a work in the Museum’s collection?

Please fill out this form to request a digital image of a work in the Museum’s collection. Contact [email protected] if you have questions about the form or our Rights and Reproduction process. Please allow 5-8 weeks to process the request. Please note that requests with deadlines under one-month may not be accommodated. 

I am a local artist. How can I become involved with arts in the Waterville community?

Local artists can find opportunities to promote their art and engage the community through Common Street Arts, a program of Waterville Creates!. Common Street Arts hosts art exhibitions and multimedia events and provides unique social, cultural, and collaborative opportunities for the Waterville community.

What is Waterville Creates! ?

Waterville Creates! is a collaborative consortium established to work directly with community arts, creative, and cultural institutions to enhance and strengthen the vitality of Waterville. The consortiums primary institutions are Common Street Arts, Maine Film Center, Waterville Public Library, Waterville Opera House, Colby College Museum of Art, and Waterville Main Street.

Where can we eat in the area?

There are many places to eat close to the Colby Museum. Check out Colby’s listing of local restaurants.