Shaker Inspirational Drawings

September 29, 1960 - October 15, 1960

Dr and Mrs Edward Deming Andrews, whose collection of Shaker arts, crafts, and documentary material is the outstanding private collection of its kind, have been extremely generous in lending their Shaker inspirational drawings. These drawings are done in pen and watercolor and exhibit the same fine taste which characterizes the well-known furniture produced by the Shakers in the nineteenth century. At the same time they reveal other aspects of the genius of this relatively small religious group–their devoutness and their ability to invent images. Like their furniture the images are functional, though not in the same way. These decorated pages seem to be directed toward generating the spirit of love among the members of the group and to this end employ freely the symbols of dove, flowers, and trees. The pages are completed with the religious text which is executed in the most exquisite calligraphy.