Selections from the Colby College Museum of Art Collection

November 15, 1961 - November 25, 1961

This exhibition marks the second anniversary of the opening of the Bixler Art and Music Center The college’s art holdings have grown rapidly over the past year under the stimulus of the Friends of Art at Colby. Mrs. Ellerton M. Jette of Sebec and Waterville heads the Friends, and donated she and her husband’s American Heritage Collection to the museum. The permanent collection was also improved by the Helen Warren and Willard Howe Cumings Collection of American Art, which was donated to the College by Willard Cummings of Skowhegan. One of the college’s proudest possessions is the Harold T. Pulsifer Collection of Winslow Homer, which is on indefinite loan. Mr. Robert C. Vose, a charter member of the Friends of Art at Colby, has enabled us to bring to Boston this small but representative collection. These gifts, as well as the generous gifts of many others, have allowed the Bixler center to become a focal point for art in Central Maine. In the years ahead, it is expected to extend its influence over a much wider area.