Little International Exhibition of the Olsen Foundation

October 17, 1960 - November 3, 1960

The present exhibition comprises a very small selection of current European and American paintings–a baker’s dozen of artists from each of the two continents. Just enough, it is hoped, to give a flavor of the creative work now so active on both sides of the Atlantic. At no time in the world’s history has there been such a resurgence of artistic creation–in music, literature, especially poetry, sculpture and painting. At no time have there been so many painters-more in Italy, France and the U.S. today than wielded brushes for 2,000 years prior to 1900. At no time has the performance of the avant-garde artists seemed to break so sharply with past tradition or to be so removed from the “understandable” or “recognizable” art of the majority. In selecting paintings for this exhibition, The Olsen Foundation has endeavored to bring together works of artists from both sides of the Atlantic which are of comparable achievement, expression and recognition.