Museum Moment: Ai Weiwei, Colored Vases

Jordia Benjamin, Mirken Senior Coordinator of Programs and Audience Engagement at the Colby Museum, offers some background and questions about the issues raised by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s Colored Vases series. (Excerpted from our May... more >

Museum Moment: Alma Thomas, Red Tree in High Winter

Kristin Bergquist, Mirken Curator of Education and Engagement at the Colby College Museum of Art, leads viewers on a looking exercise using Red Tree in High Winter, an abstract expressionist painting by mid-20th century African... more >

Artful Movements @ Home: Let It Bloom

Colored Vases, 2006-2008 uses Neolithic pottery (5000-3000 B.C.E.), represents a pivotal development in the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s exploration of sculpture as a medium for social and political criticism. The garland pose alludes to the... more >

Museum Moment: Claire Falkenstein, Sun

Beth Finch, Lunder Curator of American Art, shares a reflection on Sun, an abstract sculpture by Claire Falkenstein. Claire Falkenstein, Sun, c. 1954. Copper with enamel paint, 38 ½ x 45 x 52 in. (98... more >

Museum Moment: Sol Lewitt, Wall Drawing #559

Kristin Bergquist, Mirken Curator of Education and Engagement at the Colby College Museum of Art, explores some questions raised by Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing #559 on view on the east facade of the Colby College... more >

Museum Moment: Hew Locke, Armada

London-based artist Hew Locke reflects on the boat sculptures that make up Armada, his 2019 mixed media installation from Hew Locke: Here’s the Thing, organized by Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK; Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art,... more >

Hew Locke: Here’s the Thing

On February 20, 2020, London-based artist Hew Locke offered a talk at the Colby College Museum of Art for the opening of Here’s the Thing, the most comprehensive exhibition of his work to date. Born... more >

Virtual Art + Conversation: SEED-O-MATIC

Spring is the perfect time to start a garden. The SEED-O-MATIC, the world’s slowest vending machine, can help—even in the age of social distancing. Developed by the Center for Genomic Gastronomy and stocked with help... more >

Museum Moment: Katsushika Hokusai, Noborito Bay

Kristin Bergquist, Mirken Curator of Education and Engagement at the Colby College Museum of Art, leads viewers on a looking exercise using Noborito Bay, one of the prints in Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, the... more >

Art 497: Sex in Art

Looking at art and sex through the lens of censorship, this class engages in a hands-on exploration of the circuitous journey that constitutes research. Taking advantage of a museum exhibit specially designed for this class,... more >

Art 110A: Student Docent Program

In a class that combines elements of an education course with art history, Colby College students do lots of practical, hands-on work. They learn about museum studies, gallery teaching techniques, and the museum collection, practical... more >

Fall Open House 2014

On September 4, the Colby College Museum of Art hosted their second annual Fall Open House celebration. It is a way to kick off the fall season in style, to welcome Colby students, faculty and... more >

Behind the Design

Architect Frederick Fisher explains the inspiration behind the design of the new Alfond-Lunder Pavilion at the Colby College Museum of Art.

Wall Drawing #559 Installation

The first artwork to appear in the Alfond-Lunder Family Pavilion is now complete. It is the conceptual work entitledWall Drawing #559 by Sol LeWitt. This wall drawing consists of 12-inch wide alternating arcs in yellow, red,... more >

Alfond-Lunder Family Pavilion Construction

This time-lapse video documents the construction of the Alfond-Lunder Family Pavilion, a 26,000-square-foot addition to the Colby College Museum of Art, from the groundbreaking on October 21, 2011, to the completed installation, in March 2013,... more >

Rediscoveries 4 – Comedy, Seriously Installation

Established in 2011, the Rediscoveries exhibition series invites members of the Colby College community to select and arrange artworks from the Colby Museum’s permanent collection. For Rediscoveries 4, guest curator Sarah Keller, assistant professor of... more >