Naeem Mohaiemen: grace Opening Reception

Friday, November 11, 2022,

Colby College Museum of Art

Join us for a special reception to celebrate the opening of Naeem Mohaiemen: grace.
As a caregiver to a family shaped by an uneven experience of migration (those who left, and those who stayed), Mohaiemen has experienced hospital bureaucracies in Dhaka, Delhi, and New York. While there have been many moments of precision, kindness, and guidance, there have also been experiences of isolation, mismanagement, and indecision. During one such interminable period, Atul Gawande’s book Complications (especially the chapter “Whose Life Is It Anyway?”), read in an ICU waiting room, began a process of thinking and feeling around this question: is more extensive medical care always the science-driven boon we imagine, or can there be moments when families make the decision to decline medical care? What does it mean, in the end, to accept a body’s decline?
These questions are considered in recent works by Mohaiemen, a 2020–21 Lunder Institute senior fellow and the inaugural recipient of the Alfonso Ossorio Creative Production Grant. Naeem Mohaiemen: grace will include the film Jole Dobe Na (Bengali for “those who do not drown”) and grace, a new video based on conversations with Karen Wentworth, a longtime Maine resident who Mohaiemen met while researching Maine’s newly ratified Death with Dignity Act.

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