The Ecology of Care with David Thomson (For Colby Faculty and Staff)

Friday, March 11, 2022,

First Floor, Greene Block + Studios, 18 Main Street, Waterville

The Lunder Institute for American Art is pleased to announce that interdisciplinary artist David Thomson will be joining us this spring as our Visiting Artist. As part of David Thomson’s first engagement with the Lunder Institute he will be leading two workshops related to his Sustainability Project: Investing In Yourself (For Colby Students) and The Ecology of Care (For Colby Faculty and Staff).

“The task for the new age, is not one of critique, but of composition, not of emancipation but of care”

                                         – Bruno Latour, a French philosopher, anthropologist and sociologist

The Ecology of Care is a discussion workshop on ideas to reconceptualize care within our work ecosystems with a focus on arts spaces. Reenvisioning relationships through the lens of organic models in nature, to build more balanced, agile, resilient, and adaptive systems. We will use concepts from Emergent Strategy, Touchstone values and Ikigai as well as other frames to personally examine how we care for ourselves, examining the value of chaos as a tool of evolution as well as the practice of listening. Register here. 

David Thomson

David Thomson is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice borders on choreographic situations and installations centered around questions of identity, unconscious narratives, and the expression of presence and absence as performative states.

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