Music in the Museum: Morton Feldman’s Last Pieces, and Hearing, Listening (and Seeing) à la Jean-Luc Nancy

Thursday, November 3, 2016,

Paul J. Schupf Wing for the Works of Alex Katz

Performers and speakers:  Matthew Houston (UMaine Farmington, Philospphy), Christiane Guillois (Colby College, French), Steven Nuss (Colby College, Music), Steve Pane (UMaine Farmington, Music),


Feldman’s Last Pieces are short, aphoristic works for piano that are hot topics in academic music. Steve Pane and Lily Funahashi will give them multiple performances and will join a faculty panel and the audience in a discussion of Feldman’s work informed by issues raised in Jean-Luc Nancy’s relatively recent work, Listening. In addition to raising deep questions about what music is, does and might be, Nancy’s work also offers new ways of thinking about the possibility of a shared aesthetic among the composers and painters (Morton Feldman. John Cage, Christian Wolff, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline, and others) of the so-called New York School of Music and Visual Arts in the 1950s–80s.

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